The Popular 27 Inch FS-1200 Print Head

Document Data Solutions customers are raving about our Freedom Series FS-1200 print head, now with optional Auto-Clean. The 1200 dpi print bar is available in widths from 1.7 inches to 27 inches, but the most popular choice over the past year is the 27 inch model. Printers are impressed with the FS-1200’s extendibility and are taking advantage of its performance over the wide, 27-inch span.

With no stitching, the iDataPrint™ FS-1200 featuring FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. SAMBA® technology creates flawless, no hassle images at a reasonable cost. Low ink costs, and near instant start/stop are popular features for this print head, capable of running at up to 1300 feet per minute.

 Saving Money

Printers have been attracted to the low cost of ownership the FS-1200 offers. By enhancing the performance of their existing web presses, they preserve capital and leverage the investments they’ve made in printing and finishing equipment.

Unlike other print heads, iDataPrint™ FS-1200 never needs refurbishing. This saves printers even more money over the long term. Selectable drop sizes also contribute to the savings DDS customers are enjoying on every job.

Because the FS-1200 can be fitted to existing ink towers, installation is easy and inexpensive. DDS has installed many of these print heads for our customers, but you may perform the modifications yourself. We’ll supply the technical recommendations and the rail assembly you can customize to fit your applications.

Flexible Ink Choices

The Freedom Series 1200 dpi print bar allows you to choose from a wide verity of inks. DDS has expanded our vetted ink portfolio, which now features dye based, pigment based, pigment/polymer, UV curable, and even custom spot colors.

To supply the printhead with a continuous supply of ink, we include our bulk ink delivery system with the FS-1200. The cabinet also houses our industrial-grade print controller computer and power supplies.


You must clean the print heads of any inkjet printing device regularly to maintain efficiency and print quality. Manually cleaning delicate print heads can damage them, disabling the unit. With most print heads, operators have no choice. They must perform this risky maintenance task.

You will be happy to hear that DDS has eliminated this time-consuming and perilous job. The FS-1200 printhead is available with an optional automatic cleaning function. Print operators just press a button to begin the cleaning cycle. The FS-1200 automatically raises, moistens the bottom of the print head, vacuums debris to a waste container, and returns the equipment to print-ready condition. You’re ready to print again in under two minutes!


Superior Quality

The unique design of the print modules seamlessly stitch together to cover wide print areas, up to 27 inches. You will spend less time fine-tuning the press and end registration problems. Less time adjusting the press translates into more time for printing revenue-producing materials.

A Perfect, Scalable Solution

Commercial printers need equipment that allows them to produce larger images. That’s why so many of them are opting for the full 27-inch printhead. However, the unique design of the FS-1200 makes it easy to take advantage of the Freedom Series 1200 dpi printhead in the available width appropriate for your applications.

Commercial printers are expanding into packaging, point-of-sale graphics, signage, and garment decoration. Add value to these applications by including variable data printing such as text, graphics, barcodes, logos, and maps. The FS-1200’s adjustable drop sizes ensure high quality results.

Ready to learn more? Download the FS-1200 printhead product brochure HERE.