The Benefits of Remote Support

Post-sale support is an essential aspect of any printing equipment or software purchase. With built-in support, printing companies increase their chance to realize the full value of their investments. They can process work with the confidence that, should anything go wrong, their problems will be handled quickly and professionally by a team with intimate knowledge of their systems. Support is important. Nobody makes money while their production line is down because of hardware or software problems!

An advantage of remote post-sale support is the speed with which issues can be resolved. With traditional in-person support, users often wait for a technician to arrive on-site, which can take several hours or even days. With remote support, issues can be resolved much more quickly, as technicians can remotely access the equipment and software to diagnose and fix problems. Non-working production equipment is expensive and puts SLAs at risk. When production problems occur, you want it fixed fast.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

Remote support can also be more convenient for customers. Managers and supervisors can receive help, even if they don’t happen to be onsite. This eliminates the need for them to travel to the locations experiencing an issue. This is a major benefit for businesses with multiple locations or for customers with a hybrid or work-from-home staffing arrangement.

Besides its convenience and speed, remote equipment and software support can also be more cost-effective than the traditional in-person variety. Because technicians do not have to travel to the customer’s location, vendors can offer service at a lower cost, making it an attractive option.

Printing and mailing integrity software can be complex and difficult to navigate. Customers may require aid in setting it up, configuring it, and using it to its full potential. Remote software support allows customers to receive assistance with these tasks, with no need for an on-site visit. This can save you time and money.

Full Access

Diagnosing the reason a system is issuing error codes or investigating the causes for stoppages are probably inappropriate tasks for an average equipment operator. They may experience a problem for the first time at your particular shop. With post-sale remote support, customers will get help from knowledgeable technicians who regularly assist customers running a wide variety of equipment, software, and applications. They have encountered the situation. They know what is causing the problem and how to fix it. A remote support team also has access to diagnostic utilities that may not be accessible to end-users.

A single key individual often supplies In-house support for printing companies. What happens when production halts on a second or third shift or when your key person is unavailable? Backup personnel may not be able to diagnose and correct problems with your hardware or software. Here’s where remote support really pays off. Instead of relying on the services of a single individual, your remote support is provided by a team of individuals with specific skills. This group is trained to handle any equipment problems or software issues that arise.

Your in-house team also has an opportunity to learn from the remote support technicians. As they watch the technician diagnose and correct problems, your people will learn some techniques that allow them to address the problem on their own if it happens again. Setting up a new application, for instance, is a good example of knowledge transfer from the vendor’s experts to your staff.

Built into all DDS software products is their Service in Seconds™ capability, a feature implemented long before other vendors in the print industry began offering such services, provides customers the benefits of resolving problems remotely. Service in Seconds™ reduces the need for onsite technicians, minimizes downtime, and reduces cost. When you purchase hardware and software from DDS, you get the finest post-sale support in the industry. We’ve been making our customers more productive for decades.