Specialized Print Applications

Printing isn’t limited to ink on paper. In fact, several DDS customers are using their hybrid inkjet print systems in creative ways, extending the value of their technology investment, and creating new markets for their services.

The Freedom Series inkjet print modules from DDS can print on a wide variety of substrates and are perfectly suited to handle special applications, such as:

  • Printing part numbers, SKU’s and other information directly on plastic extrusions, pipe, tubing, strapping, and more
  • Producing all kinds of packaging, including flexible packages and stick packs
  • Ticket printing
  • Pharma applications
  • Boxes and cartons
  • Lottery tickets* and promotional contest cards
  • Mail addressing (of course)

*Lottery ticket production requires special workflows. Production integrity with tracking and reporting is essential. Check with us at DDS for advice and best practices if you are planning on entering the lottery ticket business.

Some DDS customers have replaced their mechanical numbering systems with variable data imaged by inkjet print modules. The new technology provides them with a great deal of flexibility to dictate how and where the numbers appear on the material, which fonts they use, and the option to include barcodes.

Creativity Enabled
By exploiting the capabilities of the inkjet print modules, printing companies can act as creative consultants, a role that customers are increasingly expecting from their print service providers. Customers don’t know everything you can do with the latest technology. It’s up to you to show them how they can distinguish themselves in the marketplace by deploying the innovative items you produce for them.

You have always created interesting items using cutting, folding, and binding. When the application called for it, you might have sent work out for embellishments. Now you can extend the creativity and keep more of the work in-house. With the ability to print using aqueous dye and pigment inks, including UV curable ink, the possibilities are endless.

Competitive Edge
Printers used to differentiate themselves in the marketplace with speed or print quality. Not anymore. All the printing technologies available today produce high quality images at high speed. These factors no longer give you a competitive edge. Today, you need something new that generates higher margins. Specialty printing applications can be the edge you need to attract new customers, keep the ones you’ve got, and realize a reasonable profit.

Personalization is huge and the market for personalized print applications is growing. Adding inkjet print modules to your production line means you can talk to customers about the power of personalization and charge a premium to produce it. Customers understand the improved performance of personalized materials and will invest a bit more to realize a higher campaign ROI.

You won’t be constrained by print width or be concerned with stitching issues either. The FS-1200 comes in several print widths up to 27 inches of monochrome black or spot color in a single print module and you can combine two of them for 54” of total print width. CMYK process color systems come in widths up to 17”.

Our customers are thrilled with the quality they are getting from their DDS print systems. The productivity features that increase throughput and up-time have made this product wildly popular.

If you are ready to stretch your service offerings to include specialty applications, you want equipment that can deliver the performance and quality you need while providing the flexibility necessary to create any application you can imagine. We think the Freedom Series family of inkjet print modules from Document Data Solutions are the perfect devices to satisfy those requirements.