Hybrid Inkjet

Hybrid printing is the combination of traditional web offset and digital inkjet printing allowing you to add variable data and graphics to otherwise static pages. One advantage of a hybrid printing solution is the ability to use the less expensive offset printing for content that does not change, then digitally inkjet the variable data only where it is needed all in-line on your existing web press. Other advantages include the ability to use specialty inks and finishes only available in traditional printing methods not to mention the seamless re-use of your existing post-print finishing/converting equipment. The latest technology in inkjet has higher image resolution, print width, and speed which combine to create a hybrid solution with greater flexibility.

In the past, many transactional documents and direct mail pieces were first run on a web press to create the pre-printed shells which were then sheeted. The printed sheets were then moved to a different area to be run through a laser printer in order to add the required variable data, which by the way was generally limited to monochrome text.

Now with new high-resolution inkjet technology, all of this can be accomplished in a single pass. Placing either monochrome or full color inkjet modules in-line on the press saves both time and money by reducing tough-points and the human error associated with a multi-step process.

A DDS hybrid print solution gives you the option of adding high-quality personalized messaging and graphics in full CMYK color or monochrome at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute.

Inkjet printing has come a long way! Now with the advancement in high resolution inkjet technology, full process color and monochrome graphics and text leads to a more impactful and higher value product. Joining together web offset and digital inkjet opens up new opportunities in high volume variable data printing.

Say goodbye to those old, leaky, low-resolution monochrome printheads that require costly scheduled refurbishment and say hello to a new DDS high-speed CMYK color or monochrome inkjet solution powered by Document Data Solutions’ own iDataPrint universal controller.

Each hybrid installation is unique and Document Data Solutions’ designers and engineers work with each customer to ensure the solution is designed specifically for their facility.  Give us a call to learn how this technology can be a benefit to your production and help increase profitability.