The Document Data Solutions team has many years of experience providing unique solutions for our customers.  Our philosophy has always been to create solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Our vision/integrity solutions have been used on mail inserters, web presses, booklet makers, saddle stitchers, production lines as well as track and trace applications to ensure 100% accuracy.  Once the scan is complete, the captured data can be put to a variety of uses.  Matching one piece to another, credit card(s) to card carrier for example, or ensure that the correct item(s) is present based on a predetermined list.  For that matter, you can ensure that all pieces in a run were completed with no missing or duplicated pieces.  By combining DDS vision technology with one of our print systems; you can create a Read & Print solution.

Read & Print solutions streamline the production process and allow variable specific data to be printed on each envelope, carton, label, or packing list in real-time.  DDS has successfully developed and consulted on hundreds of projects combining camera systems with both monochrome and full CMYK color inkjet solutions saving our customers both time and money.

Hybrid printing (augmenting traditional printing methods with digital print) is an especially exciting new market segment for DDS. DDS has invested heavily in the development of unique hybrid inkjet solutions offering features available nowhere else.

Many of our customers are looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition. Adding inkjet modules to your existing web press allows your business to compete and win jobs without the expense and extra floor space needed for a dedicated digital press.  A hybrid inkjet solution added to an existing web press, will create the lowest cost of print per piece of any digital print solution. Additionally, the hybrid print approach allows you to repurpose existing web transport and inline finishing equipment adding greater value to existing capitol equipment and profitability to your business.

Our team is passionate about creating custom solutions. It’s something we simply love to do. Backed up by a full machine shop, hardware and software engineers, assemblers, and both in-house as well as field Service personnel, we can create almost anything.

If you have a pain point in your operation or need a solution for a specific project, give us a call.