FS-600uv 2+” UV Curable print solutions driven by the robust iDataPrint™ Controller and Layout Designer software. The high resolution FS-600uv printer provides a versatile, cost-effective solution to meet the need for variable data printing on a range of coated and uncoated substrates. Capable of printing addresses, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, numbering, logos and graphics, the FS-600uv is suitable for mailing and addressing applications, as well as labels, tickets, security, plastic cards and business form applications.

The very small footprint and modular design of the FS-600uv means that it is easily and quickly integrated into mailing or card lines as well as web printing applications.

High Quality, High Speed

The FS-600uv produces incredibly sharp images, with three drop sizes available.

For all your graphics and mail applications the FS-600uv is capable of ultra-fast speeds to meet your productivity goals.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Startup – Print ready can be achieved within five minutes, and job changeover is possible within seconds.

Solid Design

Simplicity is key to the FS-600uv design. With all of the critical components are housed within the printhead and ink delivery modules; the complexity of the installation has been greatly reduced.

The Ricoh Gen5, 2.1” printhead delivers ultra-sharp/high quality print.

Supplied Print Controller

The FS-600uv print system is driven by the robust iDataPrint™ Controller and Layout Designer software. 

iDataPrint™ Print Controller Features:

Document Data Solutions created our advanced proprietary software to give our customers greater printing capabilities than our competition. iDataPrint™ Print Controller is a Windows™ application that loads print jobs created in iDataPrint™ Layout Designer and manages the inkjet printing system.  Our in-house team of software programmers keeps our software products up to date and we are continuously adding new features.

iDataPrint™ features:

  • Automatic Print Job Loading – With an available handheld barcode scanner connected, iDataPrint™ can automatically load print jobs by scanning a Job ID barcode.
  • Control External Devices – iDataPrint™ can be configured to send out I/O signals for any number of events to turn on an annunciator or perform more complex tasks such as controlling an inserter or other equipment.
  • Print Mode Options – Read-and-Print dynamic printing, sequential printing and repeated sequential printing as well as fixed printing for both graphics and text.
  • Read and Print option – Communicates with DDS’ iDataPrint™ for Read & Print solutions enabling seamless integration.
  • Live Assistance – If you need any help, simply click Live Assistance right from the built-in Help menu, and a representative will be on-line to assist you in seconds.

iDataPrint™ Layout Designer

The included iDataPrint™ Layout Designer software is as powerful as it is easy to learn and operate.  Layout Designer allows users to create and save of print jobs share resources through your centralized network database.

Layout Designer Features:

  • Gives user the ability to create print jobs with fixed and/or variable text and graphics
  • Images for layout design can be PDF, .BMP, .JPG or TIFF
  • Allows use of scanned image as a guide for laying out design
  • Operator can preview exactly how the job will print
  • Layouts can be saved as images and sent to clients for review and approval
  • Built in job cost estimation tool