iDataVerify™ is designed to notify print or insert operators immediately of processing errors such as missing, out of sequence, duplicate scanned items or pieces that need to be pulled from production processing because of special handling needs.  The “Pull” list can be updated to iDataVerify™ remotely or added manually at the user interface at any time prior to that individual piece being scanned.

Reports of the current or past local jobs can be created within the user interface and printed or saved as PDF files and sent to anyone for review or notification of: Total processing time, description of manually handled items, missing, duplicated and items requiring reprint, other information is also available.

iDataVerify™ can be utilized using a local or a networked database by adding iDataManager Central Server package. The advantage of a networked centrally accessed database is, if several machines are processing the same job, then the data is shared between all iDataVerify™ stations running that same job and the reports are global for that job as opposed to only one specific machine.