iDataTAC™ Advanced Signal Processor

iDataTAC™ from Document Data Solutions gives you the freedom to control time (well at least timing).

The iDataTAC™ (Tac-And-Cue) signal processor can coordinate multiple, different print technologies keeping everything in sync, simplifying your production operation. iDataTAC™ can also control cameras, sort signals, etc. Encoder and Top of Form signals can be simulated. Top of Form signals can be individually delayed, or inverted, and missed triggers can be replaced. The system can even be set-up to ignore erroneous triggers received outside a specified “window.” Backwards encoder movement, a big problem for some print systems, can be filtered out.

The iDataTAC™ module allows up to four physical encoder/trigger inputs to be redistributed to up to 16 encoder/trigger outputs. iDataTAC™ Lite offers two inputs and four outputs. iDataTAC™ is fully integrated with our iDataPrint Controller™ software and is easily configured right from the iDataPrint™ user interface or from a stand-alone application.

You can align the printed image in real-time while the print system is running!