iDataSort™ Autonomous Intelligent Stacker

Document Data Solutions is excited to announce a new intelligent device that automates an often ignored portion of production workflows. Customers can separate output material automatically by attaching the iDataSort™ Autonomous Intelligent Stacker to any piece of print production or mailing equipment. Print production operations may use iDataSort™ to prepare material for packaging, fill mail trays, or handle any number of unique finishing and distribution requirements.

Dual Separation

The secret to iDataSort™ flexibility is its capacity to separate groups of material by either of two methods. Unlike other stackers, iDataSort™ side-offsets the material on a constantly moving belt. The unit shifts right and left according to the application’s demands. Additionally, the stacker can increase or decrease the speed of the belt to create physical gaps in the material stream. As operators remove material from the stacker, they can confidently collect the precise quantity desired.


The iDataSort™™ stacker can communicate with ex­isting production equipment or run independently. In connected mode, iDataSort™ separates output based on barcodes or signals generated from units such as feeders or cutters. iDataSort™ can even con­trol upstream feeders itself; enabling companies with older, unintelligent equipment to create automated batching systems. Features:
  • Heavy-duty gear drive motor
  • Automatic and Manual modes
  • Remote Speed control in Auto mode.
  • Piece counter and Set Counter with Reset buttons.
  • Remote Configuration and Control via PC application over Ethernet.
I/O Features:
  • I/O access for inputs and outputs for the following functions:
    • Offset Toggle <-Output from Host. (Dry Contact > 20ms pulse).
    • Pulse Move <-Output from Host. (Dry Contact > 20ms pulse).
    • Stacker Count Sensor State ->Input to Host**.
    • Stacker Error ->Input to Host**.
** All inputs are +24 VDC Input Signal to Host and common ground to Pin 5.
  • Remote Offset control and clear belt function to clear pieces away from rollers
Configuration Parameters:
  • Password protected Diagnostics and Configuration page
  • Auto speed control via the PC app. Or Manual through the speed dial on the Stacker.
  • Offset type (Side to Side) via air cylinder or Movement separation through (Pulse Move) pulse size is adjustable in 5ms increments
  • Piece separation can be triggered either from the leading edge of the piece or the trailing edge of the piece
  • Offset can be configured to run locally by setting an XX Piece count in (Set Value) and the Stacker will offset every XX pieces. Or externally via a host I/O input.
  • Deck Height – Adjustable from 31” to 33.5” high (custom heights available)
  • Deck Width – 13”
  • Belt Width – 10”
  • Conveyor Belt Length – 73”
  • Overall Length – 82”