iDataPrint™ 45 Series

DDS has been providing  solutions to the mailing, packaging and commercial printing industry.

iDataPrint™ is a powerful state of the art software system, developed by our own engineers and is the foundation of all the different print solutions Document Data Solutions utilizes. iDataPrint™ provides customers with the widest range of print engine technology in the industry. This software system can print individually specific variable data in monochrome or color for example, documents, logos and pictures on each page or envelopes passing under the print head. Static logos, pictures, text, Permit Mail Indicia, Return Address and 1 to 1 Marketing Messaging are also offered. Actually, the capability is limited only by your imagination.

iDataPrint™ is capable of driving all of our high speed solutions for both commercial cut sheet or web inkjet platforms. Easily integrates into your network environment with real time monitoring of jobs across multiple DDS equipped machines.

What's new in Hybrid print solutions

Inkjet solutions

HP Monochrome / Spot Color

print-solutions-bullet-1 Affordable High resolution inkjet. Powered by the inginuity of the DDS software. Outstanding print quality and easy operation interface. A true production print system. iDataPrint™ high quality images with print resolutions from 110 to 600 x 600 dpi depending upon your application and speed requirements. Using a wide variety of ink solutions you can achieve a great result on a variety of substrates with easy pen replacements. for high production environments, DDS offers bulk ink delivery systems to lower the cost of consumables and price per impression. Print systems are now available in multiple sizes, from 1/2″” to 16″ wide print area’s. iDataPrint™ now gives you the control of all your printing needs in production on documents, envelopes, boxes, labels and packing products.

Grayscale print

print-solutions-bullet-1 Colorspeedprint systems offer a grayscale solution with single color. Powered by the inginuity of the DDS software, a high resolution grayscale inkjet system to give you better control of the print appearance. Outstanding print quality and easy operation interface. Available in 4.25″ or 8.66″ which can cover envelopes or documents.

The iDataPrint™ Colorspeed monochrome solution produces high quality graphic images and text with print resolutions from 110 to 600 x 600 dpi depending upon your application and speed requirements. The bulk ink delivery system helps to lower the cost of consumables and price per impression.

4 Color Process

print-solutions-bullet-2 The iDataPrint™ Colorspeed CMYK print solution offers variable data and graphics in Full Four Color process, a brilliant way to communicate your message to the market!

Being able to integrate a CMYK print module in your exsisting print production environment, whether it’s on a web press, cut sheet or inline with a mailing inserter. Versatile and easy to use the Colorspeed printing systems utilizes variable drop sizes for improving print quality and are available in widths of 4.25″ or 8.66″. Our expert staff will evaluate your application for choosing the right model inkjet printer.

Color Profile Wizard

print-solutions-bullet-2 The DDS Color Profile Wizard provides the needed bridge from Graphic Artist to finished printed product.

Now available from Document Data Solutions, iDataPrint™ Color Profile Wizard allows the casual user to achieve superlative color matching and image refinement previously attainable only by dedicated color experts.

The new Wizard profiles the iDataPrint™ CMYK printer to your desired substrate in a few simple steps. Let the iDataPrint™ Color Profile Wizard take the guess work out too archive the best quality printed images for your customer.

Layout Designer

products-dds-iDataPoster-icon Print job Layout Designer Software.

Our iDataPrint™ Layout Designer™ is one of the software tools that set DDS apart from all the rest. Job set up has never been so easy, create the job on the production floor or have your design team create and preflight the job in advance. Files can be sent to the file to the printer over a network.