iDataPrint™ Industrial Inkjet

The multiple sizes of the DDS standard and wing print heads give you the ability to add variable data printing to a variety of applications. Whether your requirements are for printing paper on a web press or printing on wood. DDS technology and these larger size print heads give you greater flexibility and can help reduce your overall cost and production processing time.
iDataPrint™ Inkjet system is designed to print individually specific variable data, logos, one to one marketing messages, graphics, Permit mail indicia and even QR codes which gives you greater flexibility.

Document Data Solutions (DDS), is dedicated to environmentally friendly water based inks with our inkjet technology. Standard HP 45 cartridges and bulk ink delivery systems are available in a wide array of colors including UV and IR invisible. DDS uses Windows XP embedded operating system and has print resolutions of 150 x 600, 200 x 600, 300 x 600 and 600 x 600 dpi.

Our iDataPrint™ Layout Designer is one of the software tools that set us apart from all the rest. This Windows based software with it’s, “What you see is what you get”, features is easy to learn and operate. Optionally, all DDS systems can be networked through your MS-SQL database so jobs can be split for faster production.

A DDS iDataScan™ Vision system can be added downstream to ensure print quality and that every piece is printed as expected.

iDataPrint™ – industrial DDS can custom build transports and print bridges to meet your requirements in the heavy industrial environment. We can help you print in areas you didn’t think were possible with unusual substrates like wood products.

Our unique design in print head can expand print area capability.