iDataPrint™ H800WEB Monochrome

Designed for adding to a web press, DDS ’iDataPrint™ H800WEB monochrome inkjet solution produces high quality 600dpi variable data text and graphic images at speeds up to 800 fpm.  Combining Document Data Solutions advanced integrated web print controller and ink delivery system with proven HP M800 Print Module technology allows the user to add monochrome text and/or graphics where needed during the web press run.

The iDataPrint™ H800WEB Print Module features automatic printhead servicing that manages purging and wiping of the printhead without the operator having to touch the printhead.  Within the Print Module is an easy to change 4.25” print width printhead which changes much like how you would replace your home inkjet print cartridges. The HP designed Print Module makes for a compact solution for adding variable data text and graphics where you need.  Multiple Print Modules can be stitched together depending on your needs.

The iDataPrint™ Web Controller is where the magic begins.  Document Data Solutions designed our controller to bea high performance, reliable and easy to use system for managing large and complex variable data print jobs.  The space saving integrated controller incorporates the ink delivery system to make for a compact, easy to maneuver system.  The controller communicates to the iDataPrint™ H800WEB Print Module through an IJPDS workflow or can print static tiff images.

Benefits of HP’s M800 Print Module System

  • The Print Module System has a quick startup/shutdown and quick print head replacement process, enabling high uptime and productivity – begin production quicker and print longer
  • Combine multiple modules for wider print width
  • 600dpi resolution
  • Maximum speed up to 800 feet per minute
  • Small footprint – Easy integration into small areas
  • Easiest and most cost effective monochrome to process color upgrade available in the industry today
  • Virtually no ink waste – save money on consumables
  • Higher uptime and lower cost of investment compared to continuous ink jet – production efficiency and easier to enter market space
  • Economical printheads and ink ensure highly competitive running cost – save money on consumables
  • HP’s proven printhead Scalable Printing Technology (SPT) has printed more than 10 billion production pages – proven technology