Adaptable Transport System

The Adaptable Transport System™ from Document Data Solutions is a versatile vacuum transport that is fully customizable for your specific needs. Perfect for feeding, scanning, inkjet printing, etc.

The Adaptable Transport System from DDS offers a generous 75” standard deck length with a built-in set of rails that run the full length of the transport allowing various components such as feeders, card affixers, cameras, and/or printers to not only to be mounted, but allows for them to be repositioned at will with minimal effort. Custom lengths and heights are possible.

Several belt configurations (a single-wide belt or multiple narrow belts) are available as well as optional upstream and downstream diverts, and mounts for various print and camera systems.

Available Input and/or Output Divert. Available Bottom-up Scanning. Jam detection and I/O interface are standard.

Control Panel Main Features

  • on/off and speed control for up to two material feeders
  • Run, Stop, Jog controls
  • Base speed control knob
  • Vacuum on/off toggle
  • Emergency Stop