Monochrome Solutions

Document Data Solutions offers a variety of options for printing of envelopes in monochrome and color for the printing and mailing industry.  Our first iDataPrint™ solution came about due to a customer request for printing in-line with their inserter but not having the room for a large vacuum base as is typical in the mailing industry.  We designed our unique floating deck transport which would fit in a 16”x16” area yet be built strong enough to meet the demands of printing multiple shifts 7 days a week.
Since our first iDataPrint™ system was designed, our software has been designed to work with a variety of industrial inkjet platforms.  We now offer the ability to print not only in monochrome or spot color but full color with systems that will run at up to 500 fpm and print full variable data on envelopes.  With our iDataPrint™H500 CMKY inkjet solution you no longer need to stock a wide variety of customer envelopes but can now print the envelopes for each job on demand saving both you and your customer money.

iDataPrint™ systems are capable of printing full  variable and static data, logos, pictures, text, Permit Mail Indicia as well as barcodes such as 1D, 2D, QR, OMR and IMB.  Each system is designed to easily integrate into your network environment and can be set up with real time monitoring of jobs across multiple DDS equipped machines.