It’s a Dirty Job (But Nobody Has to Do It)

Cleaning print heads is necessary to maintain efficiency and print quality, but doing this job manually can be risky. Operators can accidentally damage the equipment while wiping the print heads, and that can disable the machine. Equipment that is unexpectedly out of service disrupts your production schedule and might even harm customer relationships.

DDS recognizes this issue and offers the optional automatic cleaning function of the FS-1200 print head. Now print operators can make sure the print heads are clean by simply pressing a button. The print head cleans itself by raising the unit, moistening the print head, and vacuuming the debris. In just a few minutes, your equipment can be back in action.

Watch this short video to see how it works:

The iDataPrint™ FS-1200 print head, featuring FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. SAMBA® technology has been popular with our customers who are pleased with the low operating costs and flexibility these modules present.

Printing companies are installing the FS-1200 print heads and saving money by leveraging their investments in existing web presses and finishing equipment. They don’t pay click charges and they appreciate the low ink costs when they compare to other inkjet modules on the market. Refurbishing is also unnecessary with this technology, saving even more money over time.

Printers are not giving up print quality to achieve these savings. The parallelogram design allows the printhead to seamlessly stitch segments together and cover wide print areas. The unit supports dye, pigment, UV curable, and latex inks, and features adjustable drop sizes.


Lately, commercial printers have been investing in equipment, allowing them to produce larger images and new product offerings. The FS-1200 is available in sizes from 1.7 inches to 27 inches. Printers can buy the width appropriate for their applications and add print width as they need it. This makes it easy for printers to expand into packaging, signs and banners, or fabric decoration.

Print head nozzles are tiny—less than the width of a human hair in some cases. If they get blocked, print quality suffers. Removing dirt, debris, or dried ink from the sensitive print head is an important maintenance task. Neglecting to clean often enough can permanently damage the print head. This will be a costly replacement. The FS-1200 self-cleaning feature keeps your inkjet print equipment in top shape, effortlessly.