iDataView ™ + iDataTask ™


The iDataView™ Dashboard displays the current status of all DDS devices including which job is currently running, who the operator is, as well as system throughput. With the Image Archive option, the Dashboard allows users to view an image of any item scanned on any system equipped with a DDS vision system. If you have access to your server from outside your facility, you can be anywhere in the world and see what is happening on the production floor.

iDataTask™ gives you the ability to automate various operations within your workflow. iDataTask™ monitors a specified “hot directory” for predetermined file types and performs various tasks with these files such as creating jobs for piece-level verification, creating reports, transferring files, or initiating e-mail notifications. In addition, iDataTask™ helps to maintain your database by archiving completed jobs and purging outdated information. iDataTask™ can also send email alerts if a required task cannot be performed for some reason.