Adaptable Material Movement

Whether printing, inserting, or sorting, document processing centers deal with moving material all day. Sometimes pages, postcards, or envelopes pass beneath inkjet heads. Other times, printed items travel past cameras that record the presence of individual pieces, sort, or perform other operational tasks. Or, materials may be simply moving from one physical machine to the next.

Print operations need reliable transport units to handle a variety of material movement demands. They must move items at a pace necessary for optimal quality and piece integrity. Most shops invest in several such units, each with a dedicated purpose.

The document business is dynamic, however. Print service providers are constantly investing in new technology or innovative processing methods to create items their clients need. Old, dedicated transport equipment can’t always provide the functionality necessary to support the newest trends in document production and efficiency. Space considerations and cost make it unlikely a printing company will buy transport units for every new job, but constantly re-configuring their existing units consumes too much time.

A transport system that can handle any configuration of processing requirements is a better investment, and the new Adaptable Transport System™ (ATS) from Document Data Solutions fills the bill.

The ATS is fully customizable. We’ll build the unit to meet your specific needs. You can choose the belt type, include bottom-up scanning ability, or add divert operations both upstream or downstream.

Each ATS vacuum transport base comes with full length rails, allowing you to mount any printing, camera, or affixing systems you choose. The ATS even allows you to control two input sources directly from the control panel, easily switching sources for each job, or selectively accepting material from both sources during a job. Press a button to control the input source rather than physically reconfiguring the equipment and lengthening the unproductive set-up time between jobs.

Use the ATS to affix cards, print, scan, or feed other equipment. Mounting or configuring the device to meet the needs of your jobs is easy. The ATS from DDS offers a generous 75” standard deck length with mounting rails. Jam detection and the input/output interface come standard.

Controllable upstream diverts allow you to prevent certain pieces from passing under print heads mounted on the ATS. Downstream diverts can selectively remove pieces from the output stream, such as when ATS-mounted cameras detect defects.

The biggest advantage of the Adaptable Transport System is ease of use. Mounting and adjusting your production equipment is a simple task. You can control where to mount the printing, scanning, or affixing units and manage the space between them. Quickly make fine-tuning adjustments without disassembling machinery and get quickly back to production.

If you are considering replacing old worn-out equipment, or you need more versatile transport systems, take a look at the Adaptable Transport System from DDS.

For more information about the new ATS transport system, contact us directly at (203) 794-0520.