Tired of Click Charges?


Some popular digital print systems on the market come with an expensive feature – click charges! Having to pay to use equipment you’ve already bought annoys many print company executives.

When printers started adding digital print technologies to their operations, they encountered the practice of click charges – a new phenomenon for those in the offset world. Print company managers were accustomed to a print production environment where they purchased ink and consumables as required for upcoming jobs. Bundling maintenance and consumables into a per-image price didn’t match up with the established norms for how they produced print.

Attitudes about click charges may have softened over the years as digital printing has become more mainstream. But for some, the issue still rubs them the wrong way. DDS addressed click-charge distaste when we introduced the iDataPrint™ Freedom Series FS-1200 print system.

One feature our customers really like about the FS-1200 is the lack of click charges. Printers feel this aspect makes it easier to integrate the device into their operations, which is great because the unit is so versatile.

The iDataPrint™ FS-1200’s selectable drop size and print resolution (DPI) capabilities impress DDS customers. Printers are controlling ink costs while still retaining the ability to increase the image density when necessary. Plus, they can choose from a variety of dye, pigment, latex, or UV curable inks as well as print bar widths from 1.7 to 27 inches when purchasing a system.

The iDataPrint™ FS-1200 from DDS is ready to handle any size job. With almost instant start and stop, up to 1300 feet per minute speeds, and automated splice avoidance, these print modules are improving productivity everywhere we’ve installed them. They even clean themselves!

By adding these units to their existing production lines, print companies are extending the useful life of their existing web presses and finishing equipment, many of which are fully depreciated.

Some FS-1200 buyers retrofit their existing inkjet towers, saving them even more time and money. We can handle the installation and repurposing of existing components for you. Or, if you prefer to perform the modifications yourself, DDS provides technical recommendations and an FS-1200 Web Tower Print Module Rail Assembly.

Print companies can add digital print capabilities while saving money by leveraging their investments in existing web presses and finishing equipment. Buyers of the print module love the low cost and flexibility the unit offers. Unlike competing print systems, the FS-1200 printheads never need refurbishing, saving even more money over time.

Commercial printers are expanding into packaging, point-of-sale graphics, signage, and garment decoration. Scalable print width and controllable drop size functionality coincides with the convergence trends in the print industry. Commercial printers are investing in equipment, allowing them to produce larger images and new product offerings. The unique design of the FS-1200 makes it easy to do that.

Your print business needs to add digital printing, but perhaps you’re not ready to make a huge investment in a new digital press. Maybe the mandatory service contracts and click charges that often come with digital print technologies don’t fit your business model. If so, the FS-1200 may be the best solution. Contact us to arrange for a demonstration of the print bar’s performance. You’ll see the possibilities right away.